I am artist searching for new ways of creating photography with different kinds of light. Inspired by the laser light, I have created series of photographic works, titled "Red Nude". Using the laser light I discovered new ways of presenting human figure. I took the liberty of naming this technique "laserophotography". The "Red Nude" series are both well-thought-out and spontaneous. These photos creates the unique atmosphere of mystery and carrying the energy which attracts attention. My interests in photography is within fashion, commercial work, portrait and documentation, to artworks and multimedia animation. I find equal joy during photographing in studio, as in terrain, expecting ideal hour of greyness or "decisive moments" on municipal street. Thematic variety of my photos gets with never ending need to exploring the possibly largest range of symptoms of splendid medium photography. In my objects of curiosity looking for first all naturalness, creation comes when it's desirable. Photography always stays for me like joy and as such I treat it, even during executing commercial projects.

These photographs can be seen at this site, which is my copyright website, as well in galleries in Poland and Norway.
Do not hesitate to contact me at kristofervinc@gmail.com or call me the number
(0048) 503413493 (Poland) in case of any questions.

Krzysztof Winciorek
Freelance photographer and graphic designer, artist.

© Copyright, All rights reserved


Hitherto achievements:

- The Sopot School of Photo - Hejber (diploma 2002)
- Diploma from photo - the Akademy of Fine Arts in Danzig (diploma 2006)
- The Prize of President of City Danzig in competition the Foto Feta 2005 ( the International Festival
  of Outdoor and Street Theatres FETA)
- 5'th International Festival of Photo in Lodz - the Exhibition presenting achievements of
  well-known photographic schools from Poland and from behind border (2006)
- Gallery FF in Lodz - exhibition "Adventure IV" - photo in Gdansk ASP (2006)
- 1-st place in competition "Life of Quick Municipal Railway" (2007)
- The collective Exhibition in State Galery of Art in Sopot "Adventure IV" - the areas of medium
- Author's Exhibition "Resales and Glimpses" in cafe - gallery Mosaic in Danzig (May 2007)
- Numerous realizations of artistic projects and commercial
- Prize in competition Colours of Jazz 2008 
- 05.2008 - the beginning of activity photographic agency TriTris Photography 
- Collective Exhibition XII Shakespearean Festival 2008 (Gdansk)
- Years 2008 / 09 / 10 - full photographic records of The International Festival of Theatre and Visual
  Arts - Zdarzenia - Tczew - Europe 
- 1-st prize in competition "Slenderness and elegance” organized guided through service
  ŚwiatObrazu.pl as well as firm BenQ
- The initiator of meetings artists art photography,
  titled "My Photo Story" taking place from February 2013
- Individual exhibition of photographs "Gdynia Photogenic", Pęd Sztuki Gallery of Art,
  Theatre Gdynia Główna, curator Magdalena Morawska, 2014